The short answer is no you do not. 90% of the time a garden room does not require permits or planning permission, however there are some rare exceptions to this. Your dedicated project manager will be able to tell if you do or do not require planning permission, so you do not need to do any of the leg work.

Simply give our team a call and we can talk you through a simple check list. We also offer a free survey to check access, ground condition and anything else you may be concerned about.


Common reasons for planning permission

  • If you are planning on building forward of the principal elevation of the house, which is generally classed as the elevation containing the front door.
  • If you live in a conservation area
  • If you plan to build a building over the permitted development regulation heights of:
    • 5m if within 2m of any boundary (flat roof)
    • 3m if further than 2m from any boundary (flat roof)
    • 4m if further than 2m from any boundary (pitched roof)
  • If you live in a listed building
  • If your planned building takes the total area of land occupied by buildings (other than the original dwelling house as was in 1947) to over half then planning will be required.
  • If you or anyone else is planning to live in the new building planning permission will be required.

As we said 90% of projects do not require planning permission but if you are unsure please contact us now and we will go through are simple checklist to ensure you do not.