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A playroom in the garden – Children’s outdoor spaces

An outdoor playroom in your garden can be many things. Whether it’s a playhouse, games room or chill-out zone, our garden rooms are a unique space for the whole family.  Memories through the years Family life is a joyful yet all-consuming journey that requires more room as time goes on. A garden playroom frees up space to do homework, keep…

No cinema? There’s a garden room for that

Have you been missing the cinema experience in recent times? Creating a Hub cinema room in your garden can not only replicate this fond experience but make a convenient and cosy alternative for the future, whether in lockdown or not.

Start the project you’ve been putting off

It’s true what they say about projects; finding the time to actually start them is the hardest part. But with everyone beginning the new year once again with more spare time on their hands, now could be the perfect time to embark on that project.

Create a winter garden bar

Now is usually the time of year where you have the freedom to explore Christmas markets, where you can admire the lights, enjoy the festive atmosphere all while sipping on a mulled wine or hot chocolate.

A bachelor pad in one room – Creating your man cave

We all want to find time in the day to escape and unwind from the stresses of work and everyday life. But with households spending more time in each other’s company, it can be difficult to find a space in the home that’s completely yours.

Adding value to your property

Has your family grown but your home hasn’t, or do you need an extra space because you are now working from home?

2020 the year of working out at home

Working out is one of the few freedoms we can still enjoy and is great for keeping both the body and mind healthy. Creating a dedicated and convenient space to exercise in is the first step to making it part of our everyday routine.

Your freedom to build

There’s never been a better time to start investing in your garden and to start the exciting new project of a garden office.

Staying in is the new going out

As the Coronavirus hospitality ban has continued to stifle the UK’s opportunities for leisure, something new and innovative has been born out of it…

Make working from home work for you

Working effectively and productively from home has become the normal requirement in 2020, but a large and uprooting life change should not be approached lightly…