The 7 metre NOVO is our largest of the range, boasting 21m2 of useable interior space. It blends the best of both worlds with a glass fronted open plan area, as well as an enclosed work space.

It’s ideal for a large office space with a meeting area, a home gym, yoga studio, or cinema room… your hub can we anything you want it to be, it’s uses are endless.

NOVO 7 (Extra Wide)
Size 7m X 4m


The largest of our Novo range. A classic design, now made even wider. Complete with 28m² of interior space, sliding glass doors, windows and outside lighting.

NOVO 7 FULL (Extra Wide)
Size 7m X 4m


Upgrade to a Hub Novo 7 Full (XW) for a canopy and larch privacy paneling in one corner.

Fast Install

NOVO 7 MAX (Extra Wide)
Size 7m X 4m


Enjoy a secluded workplace in the Extra Wide Hub Novo 7 Max. Larch privacy panelling on both sides of the Hub decking ensures maximum solitude, while a support pillar under the canopy adds a finishing touch of style.

The prices listed are all-inclusive, fully installed prices.

Our Garden rooms are pre-engineered and engineered to bring you the ultimate 'home from home' experience.

Double Glazing

We use the very best double-glazing on all doors and windows. Market-leading thermal efficiency for all year round use.

Low Maintenance

All of our materials are carefully selected to be long-lasting and maintenance-free.

Fully Insulated

We use market leading insulated panels. Not just Rockwool!

Infrared Heating Panels

All of our offices come installed with a thermostatically operated slimline infrared heater. High Power. Super-Efficient.

Outside Lights

All offices come with modern up / down lighters.


All offices include foundations. Our normal installation is using a modern groundscrew. Fast, clean and efficient.

FSC approved Larch Cladding

We use premium FSC approved Larch cladding.
We clad all the way around – Not just the parts you see!

Flush Fit Electrical and Ethernet Sockets

For a sleek functional design.

LED Lighting

Modern lightboxes give comfortable indirect lighting whilst being energy efficient.

Premium Flooring

Energy-efficient, sound-insulating and warm.

All our offices come with high-quality insulation.

The same as, if not better than, what is in your home.