A beautifully designed garden gym, fully installed from £15,500, all-inclusive.

Why choose a Garden Gym?

A Garden Gym is the perfect solution to helping you reach your personal goals and stay active, without the trouble of having to share equipment or travel to and from a public gym.

Our ranges are available in different sizes to accommodate all customer needs, whether it’s yoga, free weights or a small gym our product is built for every use.

Woman in Yoga pose in Garden Room

Our Garden Rooms are perfectly resistant against the usual wear and tear you would expect from a gym environment and are complete with revolutionary flush fit walls and ceilings. These unique touches make the finishing extra sweat resistant as well as hard wearing against knocks and bashes, which would easily mark a traditional plaster finish.

As well as a hard-shell, our garden rooms are built using only premium, strong and sturdy flooring materials with a resilient enough structure to bear the weight of heavy gym equipment such as cross-trainers, bikes, benches and weight racks.

Helping you create your perfect Garden Gym.

We want to make sure we deliver the perfect Garden Room for you to use as a home gym. That’s why we carry out site surveys and have design consultations beforehand.


Get in touch now for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Our garden rooms are designed and engineered to bring you the ultimate ‘home from home’ experience.

Double Glazing

We use the very best double-glazing on all doors and windows. Market-leading thermal efficiency for all year round use.

Low Maintenance

All of our materials are carefully selected to be long-lasting and maintenance-free.

Fully Insulated

We use market leading insulated panels. Not just Rockwool!

Infrared Heating Panels

All of our rooms come installed with a thermostatically operated slimline infrared heater. High Power. Super-Efficient.

Outside Lights

All rooms come with modern up / down lighters.


All rooms include foundations. Our normal installation is using a modern groundscrew. Fast, clean and efficient.

FSC approved Larch Cladding

We use premium FSC approved Larch cladding.
We clad all the way around – Not just the parts you see!

Flush Fit Electrical and Ethernet Sockets

For a sleek functional design.

LED Lighting

Modern lightboxes give comfortable indirect lighting whilst being energy efficient.

Premium Flooring

Energy-efficient, sound-insulating and warm.


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